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Darsh Solutions Inc. was established in April 2011.

At Darsh, we are committed to bringing operational excellence by keeping in mind the customers’ business processes for optimal service, quality and cost. Our leading edge expertise, experience in managing large and complex clients has given value additions to the customers’ business needs.

How Darsh can help minimize staffing cost in Consulting

High-quality services at the fastest turnaround time.

A client can leverage the expertise of our support team while realizing the cost benefits of outsourcing non-core competency staff.

We provides the lowest possible rates because we pre-screen and recommend the people that fit client’s needs. Thus, clients get cost effective measures of recruitment at their end. We are experts at finding the people with just the right skills so client does not pay extra for overqualified staff.

Darsh improves the productivity of clients’ business function by eliminating the administrative burden that interferes with operations. Our customer support team of recruiter(s), Account Manager, Employee Service Representative and practice leaders can free up to 60% of their time that otherwise is associated with employee orientation, motivation, administration, training, benefits, vacation and time off, recruiting, and counseling.

We always provides solutions to the client, which would benefit them to “Take only what you need—no idle employees, no difficult decision about ramping up or scaling down, no retraining, no wasted recruiting efforts.”

Darsh is equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and communication devices to meet the critical requirement of our customers.